Oct 29

What are these things called QR codes?

QR Code

QR Code

I get this question allot so I thought I’d write a post and upload a video showing how easy it is to create a QR code that can help drive traffic to your listings.  Think of QR Codes (which stands for “Quick Response”)  as an electronic symbol that connects the online and off-line worlds.  We are all familiar with UPC or “bar Codes” like this

UPC/Bar Code

UPC Code

but QR codes are a newer form of computer recognition symbol.  They were developed in Japan (actually by a subsidiary of Toyota) to track items at high-speed.  Now they are used by in all sorts of applications as a way to direct people to a particular destination.  They need to be scanned with a QR Reader (which is available for just about any phone with a camera nowadays), once scanned (like taking a picture) the QR code tells the smartphone what to do.  You can create QR codes that link to your website, to an email address, to a video on YouTube  etc.  There is lots of hype around QR codes in real estate right now and although I don’t see them as a “game-changer” immediately, anybody that wants to stay on the cutting edge of technology and marketing should pay attention to their impact to our industry. It remains to be seen just how fast consumers will adopt this new way of discovering information, but it’s free and easy to leverage as part of a marketing plan so I would recommend learning how to utilize this new technology.

I have uploaded a video that shows how easy it is to create a QR code and also utilize a free service from http://goo.gl that will shorten a URL that you want to link your QR code to and give you the ability to track how many times the QR code has been used.  Enjoy the video and let me know if any of you have had success yet using this new technology either in impressing home sellers or actually connecting with buyers.


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18 Responses to “QR Codes what are they and how can you use them to market real estate?”

  1. 1. Sheila Rasak Says:

    This must be a wake up call or something because this is my third introduction to this new technology and while I have the reader on my smart phone, I haven’t made any attempts to utilize it…until I read this post.

    Thank you for helping with this head scratching subject!

  2. 2. Kim Katsenes Says:

    Hi Max,
    I recently learned about this technology and wow, the possibilities…I am a newer Realtor and learned of this while obtaining my e-PRO designation. The fundamentals of Real Estate marketing have changed dramatically, it is no longer a matter of when, it’s how fast can you implement these strategies into your marketing. I offered this service to a prospect yesterday during a Market Analysis meeting and they were stunned!
    I am going to have the QR code stickers made to apply to my current signage which will directly connect drive-by traffic to my contact info…for starters. I believe you can also Quirify each individual listing, so that a drive by can instantly view data pertinent to that specific property. I’m still a little shaky on the specifics, better learn quick if I get the listing from yesterday’s meeting…
    any tips you can offer would be appreciated.
    Thank you!

  3. 3. Chris Says:

    Hey Max, great information! I’ve been trumpeting to benefits of 2D Barcode/QR code for quite some time. It still surprises me how under utilized they are in the USA. Here’s a short video of how we’ve used 2DBC in real estate http://mobilemarket247.com/how-to-use-2d-barcode-or-qr-code-to-sell-real-estate/

    The other technology that should be on everybody’s radar is a mobile website–one designed especially for display on mobile phones and pads. http://mobilemarket247.com/mobile-marketing-tools/how-to-create-a-mobile-website/

    Thanks for the great post!

  4. 4. Eileen Landau Says:


    could you please print out both the name of the generator with a link,
    and the google short cut.

    I’ve watched the video…but couldn’t read the url’s.


  5. 5. Max Says:

    Sure Eileen. I did find out that http://goo.gl will do both the URL shortening and the QR code generation. You just shorten the URL then click details below and it will generate the QR code. The QR code generator I was using can be found at http://delivr.com/qr-code-generator

  6. 6. Max Says:

    Thanks Chris

  7. 7. Max Says:

    Sheila…that’s great scan away!

  8. 8. Erik Goldhar Says:

    Hi Max,

    Great Post! Thank you very much for bringing attention to this emerging space.

    A few things that should be pointed out:

    1. To Chris’s point – the number 1 rule is that your QR Code must resolve to a mobile website. If it doesn’t, the tactic will fail for you.

    2. An often overlooked point is that QR Codes are a “Green” technology. Using them can help you reduce print, paper and ink. Imagine replacing 100 property sales sheets with one sheet containing your QR Code that resolves to a mobile webpage containing all of the relevant information about you and your property. Over time this will save you money. More importantly, applying QR Codes in this fashion will allow you market your self as a “Green” marketer which is yet another point of differentiation between yourself and your competition.

    Our company http://www.Clikbrix.com has seen tremendous growth since we launched 6 months ago. We offer a turnkey QR Code and Mobile web solution for REALTORS and Brokerages. We have just been awarded the Smaato International Mobile Marketing Award for Best Mobile Web Solution. This proves to us that QR Codes and Real Estate are a natural fit and has huge benefits to those Professionals that use the technology to its fullest potential.

    Thank you again for the post Max!


    Erik Goldhar
    Partner, Clikbrix.com

  9. 9. Jane Says:


    I’m looking forward to using QR codes for my advertising. Is there any way you could create a handout we can print with your instructions on how to create? It’ll be a great help!

    Thanks! ;)

  10. 10. Dan Says:

    For those of us with smart phones (I have a Blackberry) but don’t have the app installed, is there a website where you can download a free QR reader app?

  11. 11. Jim Says:

    Max, I was told by a local Homes type magazine that is installing the QR code on signs to direct traffic to their website to displayed listing advertised with them, that we shouldn’t use the QR code on a regular web page due to its overall size and ability for a phone device to view it properly. Are they just trying to sell me their product? Is there any way to reduce your regular web size pages to be mobile compatable?

  12. 12. Max Says:


    Yes you can put QR codes on a website and yes you can easily scan QR codes on a computer screen (I’ve even scanned them from 20 feet away on a projector screen at an angle and it worked), I would say that it is less likely that consumers will scan a QR code on a website as they are already online and if you are linking them somewhere online its kind of a waste of time. Lots of companies are trying to jump on the QR code bandwagon and make some money, I think most agents should be able to figure it out for free and then strategically place the QR codes on brochures, signs, flyers etc. As to a mobile version of your website YES you should make sure that your website adjusts automatically to a smartphone display. If you are using WordPress there are several free plugins that will do this for you, if not then ask whomever is hosting your site if they offer that service.

  13. 13. Max Says:

    Dan…sure there are several QR readers for Blackberry (one is actually included in the new version of Instant Messenger on the Blackberry from what I hear) this site has a grid that shows lots of Blackberry models and what QR code reader works with each and has links to download. http://www.mobile-barcodes.com/qr-code-software/blackberry/ The simplest way is probably just to go to Blackberry’s Appworld at http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/search/qr%20code and search for QR code reader

  14. 14. Max Says:

    Good thought I will add that to my list of things I’d like to do :-) If I can get some time I will get it done…Thanks

  15. 15. Max Says:

    Thanks Erik

  16. 16. Darrin Says:

    You can buy custom QR code stickers for your Real Estate signs at http://www.SignQRcode.com.

    They work Great!

  17. 17. Michael Johnson Says:

    Hello Max, wanted to stop by your blog and say thank you very much for all the great information in your seminar today at the Westin Resort in beautiful sunny Scottsdale, AZ.

    As per your permission i have displayed your name and website/blog URL on our twitter feed. http://www.twitter.com/RealtyGo Sorry we could not meet for lunch, please drop a line anytime your in the area, you have my card an business info.

    RealtyGo – Your Real Estate Listings Best Friend!

  18. 18. Max Says:

    Michael great to meet you good luck and next time I’m in town ill take you up on the lunch/dinner offer

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