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The research we have done shows that 89% of real estate agents we’ve surveyed have a personal profile on Facebook but only about 10% have a Real Estate Business Page on Facebook.  Business pages can be a powerful way to enhance your presence on Facebook and also drive traffic back to your existing website.  I’ve talked for a long time about how important it is to keep your personal profile on Facebook limited to primarily personal posts and interactions with your SOI (Sphere Of Influence), it’s important to continue to grow your personal SOI and connect with them on a regular basis.  It’s also important to have a place to share real estate related information with your those in your SOI that want to view it and also with the public at large.  Business pages allow you to create a space on Facebook that is absolutely appropriate for sharing information about your real estate business.   If your looking to enhance your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) your business page can help your efforts here as well.  For example do a Google search for these two words “speaker technologist” you will find that my business page on Facebook comes up as the #1 organic search result (or at least it did as of this writing ) .  Why is this?  Well, most likely because of the title of my business page (and Google pays close attention to Facebook nowadays) and the fact that there is regular activity on the page helps as well.  So make sure you take time when selecting your page title to name your page strategic words that you want to be enhanced with SEO.  Setting up a page on Facebook is really quite simple, watch the video below for a quick step-by-step instruction on how to do it.  Then I recommend searching for other real estate business pages in Facebook Pages Directory use  real estate terms such as “real estate”, “luxury homes” and other words that you feel other agents may have used to setup their business page so you can get ideas on how to effectively use this tool.  Don’t forget to keep linking back to your personal website with blog posts etc. to continue to drive traffic to the “hub” of your inline presence.  Facebook is just one of the spokes connected to this hub. Enjoy the video and let me know if it helps…


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3 Responses to “Create a Real Estate Business Page on Facebook”

  1. 1. Demi Fox Says:

    this is so great- love videos communication- betterthen reading…
    Awesome class yesterday at the expo-

  2. 2. Katie Bush Says:

    Hello Max,
    You spoke about a wide angle lens that you can use on most digital camaras. Where do you find those?
    Thank you!
    Katie Bush

  3. 3. Max Says:

    Hi Katie you can din them on amazon.com and many places but you can also follow the link on the top of the page at http://www.realestateseries.com/downloads for magnetic wide angle lenses.

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