Jun 29

Here’s a video of my first impressions of the new iPhone 4.  Full review coming soon but for now I am blown away.  It really is a quantum leap that others will struggle to emulate.  Many aspects of this device will have direct and impressive impacts for real estate. The FaceTime is nothing short of jaw-dropping the first time you have a FaceTime call it’s hard to believe we have been talking about this stuff since grade school and now it actually works….anyway more soon.


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2 Responses to “iPhone 4 for Real Estate First Look and video review”

  1. 1. Cheryl Howard Says:

    Hi Max,
    I went to your seminar in woodland hills, ca. You recommmended a camera/lens
    for taking photos for your listing. Please tell me what lens or camera you recommend.

    Thank you,
    Cheryl Howard

  2. 2. Max Says:


    You can find a link to the lenses at http://www.realestateseries.com/downloads

    Sorry for the delay,

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